The New Bear Butt 5-in-1 Blanket on Kickstarter February 15, 2023

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See our new 5-in-1 Hammock Blanket in action!

An ultra versatile blanket that can be used in five different ways. First, it's a water resistant, durable and ultra soft Outdoor Blanket made of 50D, 290T Ripstop Polyester with DWR facing. 2) It's a Poncho with v-neck, side snaps and toggles for comfort.  3) It's an Under Quilt suited for temps down to 40 degrees.  4) Adjustable sleep sack with draft collars at the head and footer so no drafts get through. Lastly 5) It's a pillow! 

Learn more about the blanket from our video below. 

And Reserve one today to guarantee your blanket and to get access to exclusive DAY ONE Deals on Kickstarter (Launch: Feb 15, 2023)  


Blanket pillow poncho sleep sack underquilt

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