OUR ADVANTAGE. The Ultimate Collaboration. Bear Butt x You

Our Story
When we say “our story” we truly mean our story - from all of us here working at Bear Butt to anyone who’s ever reviewed one of our hammocks to everyone who’s ever bought one. What started out as a fledgling hammock store, we quickly grew into something much, much more...

The Bear Butt Difference is YOU!
At every point in the product creation process, we ask for your feedback and the results are clear in our final products. It was you who wanted convenient, easy-to-reach pockets. It was you who wanted ultra lightweight material. It was you who wanted tough and durable reinforced stitching. These are all inputs by you, for you, so when we say “our story,” we mean it.

We believe in true collaboration, after all if you’re going to buy a hammock and use it all the time, you know exactly what you need - and we’re here to listen. And, just because our hammocks are high quality, doesn’t mean that they’re expensive. We also ensure that Bear Butt products are affordable and accessible to all, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. That’s the spirit of Bear Butt x You.

Who We Are
As huge outdoor enthusiasts and avid campers, we were already massive fans of Bear Butt, of their high quality and ingenuity. So when the opportunity came to take over Bear Butt, it was a no brainer. Imagine having the opportunity to take the lead in something you truly support and believe in. Something in which you consider yourself a loyal fan. That’s exactly what happened.

Since then we’ve continued to grow, propelled forward by our fans and rooted in our core values of superior quality, extreme durability, maximum comfort, great value for money, and 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Bestselling Double Hammock
Our perfectly sized, high quality, durable and trustworthy two person hammocks are our bread and butter. We’ve sold over 120,000 of them. But don’t take our word for it, check out the online reviews.

Our mission is to create top quality, innovative gear for you to go out and live your adventures, and with our signature double hammocks, that’s exactly what you're getting. But this is only the beginning. In addition to launching our new Landscapes collection of specially designed hammocks in Summer 2021, we’re expanding into the world of hammock storage, waterproof backpacks, blankets, and even a new, first-to-market, groundbreaking hammock chair! Basically, anything you need for your next adventure, we’ve got you covered. Exciting stuff, right?!

As original Bear Butt fans ourselves, we’re confident that once you try our gear, you’ll join the fan club, and we are so excited to welcome you to the adventure!

Designed in Provo, UT
Specially Designed & Engineered in the USA