Our Story


In business as in life, often your biggest adventures are those you create, plan for and embark on from the start. But sometimes, they aren’t planned at all and are a completely unexpected discovery - but no less amazing.

The founders of Bear Butt had great plans and grand ambitions. Their initial goal was to set out and make a name for themselves by disrupting the hammock industry. They came in bold, hustled,  and made big moves and this is why the brand became so successful and loved in a short amount of time. 

The faster Bear Butt grew, the more cash they needed. Bear Butt was not able to keep up with its own growth; they were not able to realize their innovation plans and began to stumble.  

As fans ourselves who followed Bear Butt since the beginning of their journey and being part of the loyal community that wholeheartedly believed in the brand and the mission, we acquired Bear Butt to take it to the next level. 

We love Bear Butt’s bold and nonconformist approach. This is the very culture the brand is built around and the experience that its outdoor gear brings. We embraced this culture and paired it with our expertise in finance and operations. Our goal remains the same: To make the best outdoor adventure gear - always innovating with new products of the highest quality, the fairest price and consistently available so you can enjoy every adventure without compromise. 

We have the firepower; we can break new ground in outdoor adventure gear. We know we can make Bear Butt bigger and better than ever. 

Come join us on our exciting adventure!