The Double Hammock is the Best Gift Ever!

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Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for an outdoorsy loved one? Are they constantly outside enjoying what the natural world has on offer? If you answered yes to these questions, then the double hammock from Bear Butt may just be the gift idea you are looking for!

Finding a gift for your friend or loved one can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Starting with their hobbies and interests is usually the best place to begin, but how do you filter through the thousands of gift ideas to find something that is both useful and enjoyable? It’s easy, we have done all the hard work for you and found you the perfect gift – the double hammock!

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a close friend, couple, or a gift for you and your loved one to enjoy, the double hammock is a unique and useful way to show you care. In this read, we will be looking at why the double hammock is the best gift ever for those people that you simply cannot keep indoors! Enjoy!

What is a Double Hammock?

Bear Butt the double hammock is the perfect gift

A double hammock is an extra-large hammock that can accommodate two people. The extra room is matched with an equally large weight capacity to accommodate for the additional weight. A double hammock is usually 5-foot wide with a weight capacity of around 400 pounds, with some such as the Bear Butt Double Hammock stretching 6-foot wide with a whopping 500-pound to 900-pound weight capacity!

Overall, the double hammock has more room and a larger weight capacity compared to its single-sized cousins. Lone campers can make use of the additional room in a double hammock for extra camping gear or comfort items, couples can comfortably get some rest side by side, and dog lovers can keep their furry companions close when camping. Doubles are becoming more and more popular and it is not just the rough outdoorsy types that love these hammocks...

Who Would Love the Double Hammock?

The double hammock is ideal for the person that loves to relax and sleep under the sky both night and day. People that enjoy being outside don’t have to be hardcore hammock campers to appreciate the double hammock either. With enough space on a porch, in a backyard, or even in the house, the double hammock can be used to enhance almost anyone’s ‘chill time’.

 Of course, the double hammock is a gift that any outdoorsman will absolutely adore. They are perfect for camping couples, camping with a pet, and expedition solo camping. The versatility of the double hammock makes it a great gift for a wide range of people, and you can be sure that whoever receives the hammock will never stop using it! Hung in the porch by day, in the forest by night, and on the beach at weekends, the double hammock is a gift that can be enjoyed and utilized in hundreds of situations by all sorts of people.

What Makes the Double Hammock the Perfect Gift?

Bear Butt the double hammock is the perfect gift

A hammock makes for an excellent gift for anyone that loves spending time outside. This could be someone that loves getting out into nature to relax, someone that enjoys sleeping under the stars, or simply someone that likes to chill in their backyard. So, why is a double hammock an even better gift than a single hammock? Well, sometimes bigger is better and a double hammock means double the fun, right? Not exactly, but listen up…

 It is a common misconception that a double hammock is not suitable for the solo camper. Some people believe this because they imagine that one person would get tussled up in all the fabric however this is not the case at all, especially with the Bear Butt Double Hammock. If you want to go solo in a double, the extra room allows you to keep your valuables close as well as sleep with more comfort items (a larger sleeping bag and extra blankets). If you do not desire the additional space, you can still comfortably snuggle up inside without any issues.

The beauty of the double hammock and the reason it makes such a perfect gift is its versatility. The double hammock gives the user the option to head out solo, camp in extreme cold, take their dog out for the night, or snuggle up with their partner. The Double Hammock from Bear Butt can even accommodate 3 to 4 people if you like to party!

Overall, the double hammock is a unique gift for anyone that enjoys spending time outdoors. It is perfect for couples, singles, and people with four-legged companions. They are extremely versatile and if you decide to purchase a double hammock from Bear Butt your recipient will be met with unmatched quality, durability, and features that cannot be found elsewhere. Check out why so many people love the double hammock here.

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