New 3-in-1 Rain Fly Tarp - The Most Versatile Rain Fly for Hammocks!

If you're anything like our Bear Butt customers, you're looking for more value in every piece of gear.  Value by design, the ultimate combination of performance, versatility and affordability. 

That's why we designed a new A-Frame Rain Fly Tarp, turning it into a new 3-in-1  - the most versatile Rain Fly you've ever had - and one that will be a must-have you can use hammock camping season after season. 

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Note that Rain Fly Tarp setup requires an extra pair of Kodiak Straps so the Ridgeline is pulled as straight as possible. 

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The new 3-in-1 is the perfect, travel Rain Fly because it's so incredibly versatile.  A portable rain fly that's made with a 3,000 millimeter polyurethane waterproof coating.  Designed for cool windy nights when the rain just won't let up - every stitch is seam sealed to prevent any seepage at all. 

3-in-1 Rain Fly Tarp


Check out How to Set Up the Rain Fly Tarp

Built to be ultra-durable, this extra-strong rain fly tarp is made with 70D Ripstop Nylon and triple stitching.  At 12 feet long and 6 1/2 feet wide it's perfect even for covering tall people.

3-in-1 Rain Fly Tarp


Here's what this versatile Rain Fly Tarp comes with: 

  • Durable static Ridgeline webbing and elastic webbing at every tie off corner. Engineered for resiliency and durability, each corner tie off is reinforced with 420D Oxford fabric and 2 layers of ripstop nylon.  
reinforced tie offs
  • Hassle Free Tie-offs include tensioners and stakes so it's easy to set up and adjust without having to re-tie each point. Plus reflective paracord so it's all easy to find in the dark.
reflective paracord
  • Pockets! Lots of them to store the paracord when not in use. A small detail that you'll love when it comes time to break down.

At just under 3 pounds including all the accessories, this Rain Fly Tarp is a little heavier than our traditional Rain Fly but the extra ounces are there to add 3 times the functionality!

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When on the road traveling or camping with family and friends, hammock campers know that versatility is essential and this one does not disappoint.  Expertly designed, it's engineered to convert into a large Waterproof Double Hammock that's 10 feet long and 6 1/2 feet wide.

Lastly, this 3-in-1 can be used as an Under Quilt Protector or as an Under Hammock Protector, providing a protective layer to shield the bottom of your hammock or under quilt from rain, wind or dirt.  

An everything proof must-have you'll use season after season. 

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