The Most Versatile Hammock Gear Ever!

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When we asked Bear Butt customers what they wanted most out of a new hammock camping product, versatile, multi-use gear is what they asked for.

Our answer?  A new collection of multi-taskers!  The first to arrive is our New 3-in-1 that does triple duty as a Waterproof Double Hammock, a Rain Fly Tarp and an Under Hammock or Quilt Protector.  One product with three ways of using it so it's a key piece of gear all year round, helping you save while get the most out of your camping adventures. 


Here's a breakdown of how to use this 3-in-1 wonder in each mode!

First. It’s a Waterproof, Ultra Durable and Large Double Hammock!

Made of 70D Ripstop Nylon - it's a comfy hammock for two at 6 feet 6 inches wide with a hammock body of 10 feet long. Just like other Bear Butt hammocks, this one is triple stitched. It comes with a large stuff sack near your head making it easy to stash and reach your things.  Set up is made simple as the hammock comes pre-packed with 2 carabiners and drawcords on either end pulled into a cinch.  Find two trees that are 12 to 15 feet apart; all you have to do is attach it to your Kodiak Straps and you're ready to lean back and enjoy the day or night in your hammock.  

Make sure that the stuff sack is facing outwards and not inwards toward you.  This ensures that the 3,000 millimeter Waterproof PU coating is on the outside, protecting you from the elements.

NOTE:  KODIAK STRAPS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY - use Code STRAPS10 and you get your Kodiak Straps for just $10 when you buy a 3-in-1!

 A last detail:  at either end you will see that there are "wings" that flap a bit.  We've provided toggles and a loop so that you can pin down excess fabric and not get flicked with rain or fabric in the process. 

Second. It's a Rain Fly Tarp - 12 feet long end to end at the Ridgeline and 6 1/2 feet wide.  Our customers have asked for a bigger, highly durable Rain Fly - one that has a lot more use but still gives a great value.

Many customers asked for more coverage so we specifically designed this with "pointed wings" on each end to cover your entire setup, including your straps, providing maximum coverage. 


Rain Fly Tarp set up is simple as well. You'll need the 4 stakes we provide you in a small blue pouch for this set up in addition to Kodiak Straps.

You'll notice that in each of the 4 corners of the Rain Fly there are little pockets.  There are also pockets at both ends of the center RidgelineThese pockets should face the ground not face the sky.  This will ensure the Waterproof PU coating and seam sealing throughout are on the interior of the Rain Fly Tarp - not the exterior.  

Six Corner Pockets to stash Paracord and Tensioners

Hang your Kodiak Straps (SOLD SEPARATELY for $10 with code STRAPS10) about 6 feet or a little higher on trees that are at least 12 feet to 15 feet apart. Attach each end of your center Ridge Line to each Kodiak Strap with the Carabiners (2) provided.  The Center Ridgeline should be as straight as possible and to avoid sagging in the middle - pull it tight.  A straight/flat Ridgeline will ensure you have the most room inside.  We DO NOT recommend attaching your rain fly to your hammock tree straps because it will give you no room to enjoy your space. 

You'll notice that the Ridgeline tie off area is reinforced with 420D Oxford in between the layers of Ripstop Nylon. This "sandwich" gives added durability and we design this to last season after season. 

Once you have your Ridgeline in place, take out the pocket materials - the Paracord, Tensioners and also the Stakes (in the small bag).   We've made the Paracord reflective so that it stands out at night and you won't trip over them.  We've also lined the entire perimeter of the Rain Fly Tarp with reflective edge binding and large reflective logos so it's easy to spot at night.  

Reflective Details throughout

Stake each Paracord into the ground pulling out and forward so that your Rain Fly is stretched fairly taught and not sagging  along the long sides. Again, this will give you the most room.  Tensioners make it easy to adjust - even after windy nights - you can just tighten the tie out cord.

The Third Mode is to protect the under side of your hammock or quilt. 


A very large portion of Bear Butt customers camp overnight in their hammock.  Time and again they told us that nothing is worse than a cold butt when you are trying to sleep in your hammock.  This gave us an idea...

Because the 3-in-1 has a 3,000 millimeter PU (Polyurethane) coating and seam sealing, it forms a layer of insulation to protect you from colder winds.  It's not a replacement for an Under Quilt but it can help you add a layer a protection and a barrier against wind during cool weather in fall and early spring.  

Waterproof Seam Sealing and 3,000 PU Coating

 Setup is a snap.  Just cinch/pull together  either end of the 3-in-1, similar to hammock mode and use carabiners to attach each end under your hammock or your under quilt.  It will form a comfy second outer layer - a protective shield from rain, wind and dirt.  Make it snug by using the toggles and loops on either end, bringing them together over your hammock. The perfect shield to keep your hammock dry, clean and a little bit warmer. 

Frequently asked questions:

1. How to clean: To keep it in the best condition, hand wash in warm water and air dry on a line.  NO IRON. NO HEAT as it will damage the PU Coating and seam sealing. 

2. Can it be used with a Hammock Stand?  Yes. But you have to be really careful about the length.  This is a big hammock - even bigger than our double hammocks and you should opt for a 15 foot long hammock stand. Amazon is probably the best place to go to find one. 

3. How to waterproof your 3-in-1 after a lot of use.  Our products are built to last but PU coatings and seam sealants wear off a bit over time and the best way to keep your product waterproof is to clean and then reapply a waterproof coating at the end of every season. 

There are many options for re-waterproofing your gear including:

  • Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellant
  • Nikwax Tent and Gear Solar Waterproofing Spray
  • Scotch Guard Heavy Duty Water Shield

4. Does this come with a Lifetime Warranty?  Like all Bear Butt Hammock gear, we offer a lifetime Warranty as long as you sign up for the Warranty. 

5. What accessories go with this product? 

  • Bear Butt's Snake Skin Sleeve is 100% waterproof so it's perfect for protecting this from rain, sun, bugs, debris year round.  
  • Bear Butt's Bug Net  is ideal for enclosing your 3-in-1 when in hammock mode. 
  • Bear Butt's Gear Sling & Pack Cover: Keep your gear dry and off the ground with a waterproof gear sling that holds up to 60 pounds. Not to be outdone, this doubles as a backpack cover whether your on the trail or biking around town. 

Hope you find this helpful.  As always, you can reach out to us at [email protected] if you have questions.   

We also have a video (coming in a week) to show you how easy it is to set up in each of the three different modes.  

Throughout the development of this product, we've worked closely with customers and we are so grateful for the collaboration. 

We can't wait for you to try our next generation hammock and camping gear!

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