8 Tips To Stay Warm For Winter Hammock Camping

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8 tips to stay warm for winter hammock camping

Are you thinking about packing up your hammock for the winter? Well think again because with these 8 tips for winter hammocking, you can enjoy your favorite past time all year round with the right preparation.

When winter approaches people tend to forget about camping all together and put their hammocks away for the cold months to avoid the chill. We actually think it should be made the best of. It means long, dark nights perfect for stargazing, hot flasks of hot cocoa or tea, quiet woodlands and cozy campfires.

Are you tempted to create memories and venture out this winter with your hammock? You're in luck because with our tips and tricks you can be sure to stay warm while enjoying the beauty of the winter surroundings.

1) Picking The Right Spot

As you set up your hammock the main goal is to protect yourself from potential wind. When picking a spot take advantage of natural windbreaks, like hills, rock formations and trees. Don't hang your hammock in an open area but instead try and find a cluster of trees and take advantage of the natural sheltering effect.

2) Fully Cover Yourself

Blankets wont be enough when the weather gets freezing so make sure to bring a sleeping bag that covers your whole body and face. Be sure to cinch the hood closed around your head to shield it from the elements. Fill your sleeping bag with clothes and boot liners because this will keep them warm and when morning comes you will be thankful you're not putting on freezing clothes.

3) Layer Your Clothes

When camping in the winter it's very important you wear many layers of clothing, even when using a hammock. This will allow you to regulate your temperature to keep yourself from getting too cold. Also be sure to remove any snow from your hammock before you get in. As obvious as this sounds it can make a huge difference in keeping you warm.

4) Protect Yourself With A Rain Fly

When it's especially cold outside, precipitation adds another factor of deadliness to hammock camping. Instead of protecting yourself from rain, suddenly you need to protect yourself from freezing rain, snow, and (potentially) blizzard conditions. It's always best practice to have a rain fly even when you know the weather. It's better to be safe than sorry. If you don't have a rain fly, it can make for a horrible experience if suddenly the weather changes so we recommend you take a look at our ultralight rain fly. 

5) Bring A Pillow

Another very important factor here is bringing a pillow because you should prevent your skin from pressing against the hammock fabric as much as possible. Although you will be fully protected with your full cover sleeping bag this adds another layer of protection between you and the hammock fabric and also helps for a comfier sleep.

6) Sleeping Pad

When laying in a sleeping bag in a hammock, the weight of your body compresses the insulation and minimizes its ability to keep your backside warm. An extra layer underneath you is critical. Enter your sleeping pad. Keep those buns warm by partially inflating the pad and lying on top of it, inside your hammock.

7) Stash A Hot Water Bottle

Here's one of the best tips you can use when going winter hammocking. Fill an insulated water bottle with boiling water before you go to sleep and stash it near your feet, This will keep your whole body warm during the night.

8) Insulation Using Under Blankets

There are a number of ways to insulate yourself in your hammock - some methods are more effective than others, Ideally you will already have a good hammock friendly sleeping bag to use -  but any will work. If it’s super cold out, though, this may not be enough. So what can you add to keep yourself toasty? Under blankets are by far the smartest hammock insulation method, purely due to the nature of hammocks. In hammocks, your body heat will escape right out from underneath you because your body weight compresses the loft of whatever is between you and the ground. What a waste of warmth!

If you stick to these 8 golden tips to stay warm for winter hammock camping then there is no need for you to stop what you love doing during the winter.

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