Essential Tips For An Eco-Friendly Camping Trip

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We all love to go out and experience the outdoors.  From camping, glamping, trekking, to road tripping, the desire is always strong to see remote places and tantalizing sights. While we know it’s easy to be taken in by the moment when we are out there appreciating the beauty of it all, always keep in mind that your actions and choices – your very presence will make an impact on the environment around us. So we’d like to talk about the best ways to take care of the environment while enjoying your outdoor adventure. 

  1. Bring Reusable Water Bottles: While you’d think it will be simpler to grab a case of bottled water and lug it around with you on your camping trip, it may be a real hassle to you and the environment.  Plastic bottle consumption is currently a huge concern as it is has become very difficult to dispose of properly. Taking these to the wilderness exacerbates the issue because plastic bottles are manufactured using toxic chemicals that, if left in the outdoors, can harm the environment.
  2. Bring Reusable Dishes: We know it’s super convenient to always bring along paper plates and throw them away after dinner rather than doing the dishes. You might think this is a great way to be efficient especially during vacation but no way is it helping out nature when you are on a camping trip! Reusable dishes are the way to go. Not only does it save money by being reusable but it saves the environment from having to deal with paper or plastic refuse that people leave behind.
  3. Stick To The Trail: Sometimes when on a hike, we venture off an established path and take a detour because we want to cut travel time or we’d like to reach a lesser-known vista.  The problem with this is that if one person does it, other people will follow. This will quickly snowball into large groups taking detours that will damage local flora and possible displace local wildlife. Sometimes the risks and potential damage to nature by going off-trail aren’t worth it.
  4. Stay Camped In Designated Areas: Much like going off-trail, “off-roading” with your camping sounds adventurous but you are also likely causing the environment a lot of harm by doing so. There are reasons why camping spots are specifically designated as such. They were chosen for your safety, they have durable ground to pitch camp on, and are located in an area where campers can make the least impact on the environment.
  5. Pictures Are The Only Things You Should Take: It is a hard and fast rule in the outdoors that you should LEAVE NO TRACE. This means that the woods should be left in a state as if no one has touched them.  While you might be tempted to pick the lovely wild vegetation, this is hardly following any nature-friendly guidelines. It is our responsibility as trekkers or campers to protect the integrity and natural feel of the woods, so should you feel the need to bring home “souvenirs”, the best way to do this is to take pictures. Not only will you capture the truly rustic feel of the wilderness in photographs, but it also leaves you with a lasting reminder of your trip in the woods without literally taking away anything from it.
  6. Keep Fires Small: It cannot be overstated that one of the most essential things to outdoor adventuring is the campfire. Keeping your camp warm, dry, and enjoyable with campfire is crucial but it can also be very dangerous.  If you aren’t careful enough, a single spark can make fire spread quickly. To complicate matters, starting a fire without a bed of dirt underneath can cause a root fire. Root fires can totally mess with the tree and plant structures for months.  Always check local fire regulations to see if there are guidelines and restrictions.
  7. Pack Out and Leave No Trace: By taking out what you have brought in, you are helping the environment tremendously and keeping your camping area in excellent shape. Sort your waste into recyclables and trash. If you really want to take it to the next level of being environment-friendly, you can even bring in a bag for compost. Your toilet paper and hygiene products do not belong in the woods so take them back with you and show your respect for the beauty of nature.

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