Five Reasons Why a Snakeskin Will Change Your Hammock Camping Life!

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When it comes to hammock camping, comfort is essential. We’ve created the first truly waterproof Hammock & Bug Net Sleeve - also called a snakeskin - to keep you hammock and bug net shielded from the elements and makes packing up a breeze. 
Here are 5 reason why you absolutely need a hammock snakeskin before your next fall camping trip: 

 1) You'll never worry about the rain again: 

Have you ever gone hammock camping and after coming back from a walk you discovered a wet hammock that you have to sleep in?  Never again.  The Bear Butt Hammock Snakeskin is 100% waterproof - made of 40D Ripstop Nylon with 3000 polyurethane coating and seam sealing along every stitch line. The result?  The only 100% waterproof cover on the market.  

100% Waterproof Hammock & Bug Net Snake Skin SleeveSeam Sealing on every stitch line so it's 100% waterproof


2) It’s huge but lightweight - less than 5 ounces! 

Designed for use with the Bear Buttt Double Hammock and the Bear Butt Bug Net, this customized cover is a full 12 feet long and 9 inches wide. It really is big so it holds these two camping essentials easily, keeping your hammock and bug net clean and dry for your entire camping trip.

Bug Net and Hammock Snake Skin


3) Blocks the sun.

Our hammocks resist fading by the sun but after continuous exposure to UV Rays, they inevitably get fried.  If you’re like us and have left your hammock hanging in your backyard all summer, you know, it’s not a pretty sight.  Keep you hammock looking (almost) brand new with a Snake Skin that covers your hammock completely.

Bear Butt Crushed Shells Custom Print Double Hammock


 4) Setup is simple and made to be hassle-free.

Just disconnect you hammock at the carabiner - put on the Snake skin like you are pulling on a pair of socks or leggings and you’re done. Once you cinch each end, your hammock and bug net are completely protected.


5) Buh-bye Bugs! 

Camping would be bliss if it weren’t for the bugs. Keep them off your gear when you’re not using your hammock and bug net by pulling the sleeve over your entire setup.  Dirt is also kept at bay so your hammock is cleaner and even rinsing off your gear after days in the outdoors is no hassle because the Snakeskin prevents build up.

Enjoy your fall camping adventures and try out Hammock & Bug Net Snake Skin Sleeve. It's the ultimate hammock camping hack!

hammock and bug net sleeve snake skin hammock camping accessory hammock cover

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