Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Hammock

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Stretch back, relax, and sway to the soft swinging of inertia. The gentle and consistent rocking motion sure puts you to sleep fast. Whether it's under a hot summer breeze or a cool fall gust, relaxing in a hammock is one of the most delightful things in life.

Imagine yourself not sleeping in a bed, a mattress, and without even a bed frame. How would that feel? If you try out sleeping in a hammock, it's not that bad at all. In fact, far from it, it might be one of the best experiences ever. Best of all, laying in a hammock is actually healthy. We even have the science to back this up.
So here are the TOP 5 reasons why you should get yourself a hammock:
  1. Quality of sleep is better in a hammock: Swiss researchers say that the gentle rocking motion makes people fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. Those changes in brain activity may inspire new ways to help insomniacs. They tested this out with subjects napping on a bed for 45 minutes while their brain activity was being recorded. During one nap, the bed swayed; for another, it was stationary. The scientists weren't too surprised to find that people fell asleep faster when the bed rocked.  They were surprised, however, that there was a huge difference in the quality of sleep between those in the swaying bed and those in the stationary bed.
  2. Hammocks help relieve stress. Having a hammock set up in the outdoors, even in your backyard just looking up to the sky and relaxing is definitely freeing from stress. If you get better sleep, you wake more refreshed and focused. No more dragging your feet around the house going "I literally do not want to do anything today." You get solid rest in hammocks for sure.
  3. Posture. The human spine is naturally curved - a bed is flat. A hammock is curved, just like your spine. It will retain your natural position, especially from an all-night sleep. If you sleep in a regular bed, you tend to toss and turn around looking for that comfortable position. In a hammock, you lay about the same position and end up perfectly rested. You will wake up with no stiff back from sleeping anymore.
  4. Sleeping in a hammock is so much cooler. No, I mean, LITERALLY much cooler. If it's hot outside say a hundred degrees in the summertime, if you lay in a  flat bad, a blanket, or a mattress, you will get no airflow in parts of your body. It gets all sweaty and uncomfortable which will, of course, make you shift around and disrupt your sleep.  Sleeping in a hammock will give you better airflow that makes for a pleasant sleep.
  5. Hammocks are easier to move around. Lightweight and portable, hammocks can be part of your gear on the go. There will be no hassle of putting bed sheets on it and no hassle of making it. It's just ready to go. You can also easily wash a hammock. Take it down in a minute, throw it in the washing machine, you don't even have to dry it - just let it hang from its stand in about two to three hours and it's all set and ready.  

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