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Congratulations!  You’re on to your next year in school and you’ve traded in your own room for a shoe box that costs a fortune and you get to share with at least one other person. Yay! But even if you’re short on space and have a packed schedule, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your Bear Butt hammock behind.  From the midnight study sesh to your midday nap, here’s the ultimate guide to hammies for college life! 

  1. Take Relaxation Seriously: If you’re like most people, college can be super- stressful and keeping things in perspective is tough, especially when exam time rolls around.  Be sure to take time every day to relax and clear your head, read a book for fun (no work!) or just listen to music. Invest in a second hammock - one for your dorm room and one for on the go so you always have a chill zone within minutes.
  2. Step Up Your Study Sessions: At the end of a long day, the last thing you want to do is sit at a desk (again) and log some extra hours studying.  It’s time to ditch your desk and hang your Bear Butt hammock under your bunk bed. Actually, perfect for studying late at night as long as you don’t lie completely flat. Otherwise, you’ll find it hard to read, impossible to write and before you know it you will be sound asleep! 
  3. The Power Nap: Everyone loves a nap in the middle of the day but it’s really hard to squeeze one in if the only place you can go is your dorm room. Bring your Bear Butt hammock with you; set up takes minutes and before you know it you will be rocking to sleep...just like when you were in kindergarten. Now, if only it came with milk and cookies!
  4. Lounge While You Lunch: Whether you pack your lunch or pick it up on the go, nothing makes lunch feel a little less rushed than to take a moment and enjoy it in your Bear Butt hammock. Our double hammocks are perfect for you and a friend to hop in, get comfy and turn an everyday lunch into a picnic!
  5. The best second date idea ever...on a student’s budget: So you want to find a way to get a little closer to that girl or guy but you don’t want to create a situation that’s super-awkward? Hanging out in a hammock is one of the few ideas I have that’s not completely obvious.  Add a special touch - stream your date’s favorite movie, get a thermos of hot cocoa and, well, the rest is completely up to you. Like I said, it’s the only idea I have!
  6. Create adventures, big and small: Whether you’re going on a hike on the weekend or bringing your hammock with you to the drive-in, take time to get out, get creative and embrace hanging out.  With a Bear Butt hammock, every day can feel like a mini-adventure. 
  7. Show love for the trees: This isn’t really about college - it’s about community and caring for the spaces we share. With so many people using hammocks these days, it’s important to remember that we have to care for the trees.  A few important tips: never share one set of trees with several friends. Stacking is really bad for trees. If you’re hanging on trees or branches, they need to be at least eight inches in diameter. And, if you are going to be sleeping in your hammock in trees, get some remnant carpet squares and protect the trees from the stress of the straps. 

At Bear Butt, our goal is to make the best outdoor adventure gear - always innovating with new products of the highest quality, the fairest price and consistently available so you can enjoy every adventure without compromise.  Check them out here and get your gear today!

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