You Need a Bug Net: An Investment Worth Making

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Hammocking is relaxing, comfortable, and can be enjoyed by the most outdoorsy type of people or anyone looking for a backyard hangout, but there is one thing that ALL hammock users need to be wary of - bugs! If you prefer to hang your hammock out in the wild or want to stare at the stars without a tent, then it's important that you invest in a bug net. It's not just a hammock accessory, it is an investment in your protection.

It’s a Bug’s World and We’re Just Living In It - So be Safe!

Bugs aren't just pesky and bothersome, they can be dangerous too! Mosquitoes carry diseases like Zika virus, Yellow Fever, Malaria, and West Nile virus which could result in life threatening consequences if not treated immediately! It also protects against the stings of wasps or bees as these insects have venomous (and painful!) bites. No one wants their skin punctured while enjoying the great outdoors! Even if the bug bite isn't fatal, it can still be uncomfortable. Why put yourself through that when you have a long lasting, durable option to keep you safe?
Some seasons require more caution than others. Summer, while sunny and green and perfect for a day out, is also when you'll encounter the most pests. Be sure to use your bug net in case they attack! Even in spring and fall, it's always better to be safe than sorry.
Winter hammocking should also include some safety measures. The cold weather makes bugs hibernate so winter hammocking might not require as much protection but still take precaution due to colder temperatures which can lower the immune system and increase risk for catching an illness.
Furthermore, unless you're planning on hammocking above 7,200 feet, then the likelihood of  being surrounded by bugs is practically guaranteed. 
A hammock without a bug net is like going on vacation and not packing sunscreen. Bug nets are beneficial and a necessity. They are a good investment. Do yourself, fellow hammockers, and the environment some justice by getting one!

So What Type of Bug Net Should You Buy?

Bear Butt offers a separate bug net for hammocks. Separated bug nets offer 360 degrees of protection PLUS ours have a dual sided horizontal zipper which makes coming in and out easy and hassle free! 

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