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Bear butt mothers day hammock camping

With the end of a global pandemic in sight, the idea of outdoor time with a loved one sounds like a dream. This year, Mother’s Day presents a new opportunity for mothers and their children - whether little or adult. After a long year of isolating ourselves indoors and social distancing, it’s high time we get some fresh air and some moments of “in-real-life” bonding.

Whether or not camping is already a Mother’s Day tradition of yours, this year, spending time in the great outdoors represents a bit more. It also represents a new beginning, with closer ties to nature as the world is looking to ‘build back together stronger.’ Aside from Zooming in and out of online meetings, this past year has also forced many of us to zoom in on what really matters, and for numerous people the conclusion is similar: spending time with family, being healthy and engaging in non-digital activities all topped the list. 

What’s a fantastic way to encompass being health-conscious, stepping away from our phones and computers, and building or strengthening our relationships? Planning a camping trip with mom of course!  Besides the obvious loads of bonding time, going camping together offers a multitude of other life-enhancing experiences that both you and mom will be thanking each other for. Some of these include:

New Challenges

If your idea of camping has been dragging sleeping bags into the living room to fall asleep to the glow of the TV playing a movie with a bowl of popcorn and a bag of Twizzlers, then camping in the great outdoors will for sure be a new challenge. But if real camping intrigues you and mom, then why not give it a go this year?  You’ll both feel a great sense of accomplishment from trying something new. Even if you’re a seasoned camper, new trips always present new challenges and conquering them with mom will leave the both of you feeling satisfied and even more connected.

bear butt mothers day hammock camping

Boosting Independence

Conquering new challenges while camping not only leaves you feeling good, it also enhances your sense of independence. The feeling of being able to pitch a tent or set up a hammock, and then cook your own dinner over an open fire, all while away from the rest of the world is surely one of the most freeing feelings one can have. No matter what age, the ability to feel independent and self-reliant has such a positive impact on all areas of life.

Creating Memories

Many times, our best memories revolve around a new or different experience. Even more so if that experience is a bit challenging and adventurous such as camping. Maybe five years down the line, you and mom will laugh about that camping trip you went on where you got caught in the rain, or stayed awake late into the night because you heard a strange sound and were too afraid to sleep. Life is a series of moments that eventually turn into memories, so why not create some memorable moments with one of the most important people in your life?

"I bought this for my mom, who happens to be a breast cancer survivor. She absolutely LOVES this hammock and thinks it's the perfect shade of pink! Thanks for making a hammock as strong as my awesome mom!" - Jordan P.

Aside from all these awesome benefits of camping with mom, you can really make mom smile by personalizing your outdoor adventure for the woman you know best.  Below are some great ideas to ‘put the icing on the cake,’ or in this case ‘put the marshmallow on the S’more:’

Bird Watching

If mom is intrigued by our friends of a feather, and is thrilled when she spots the elusive red cardinal or blue jay, incorporating some bird watching in your trip will have her flying high. Just make sure to pack the binoculars and a bird guide!

Arts ‘n Crafts

Is your mom the creative type?  Maybe she’s a Monet or Picasso in her own sense, or she loves knitting warm sweaters and scarves (perfect for that cold weather camping)! Wherever her creativity lies, bringing along paint brushes, knitting needles or jewelry-making supplies will make your mom and me camping trip extra special.  


Mom has a competitive nature? Good old fashioned board games that don’t need to be plugged in are a great camping companion. Monopoly, Chess, Battleship, Uno, Backgammon…playing these games with mom will surely bring back memories, and definitely create new ones.

bear butt mothers day hammock camping

Favorite Beverage

Whether it’s her preferred organic coffee, favorite wine or most consumed variety of tea, bringing along mom’s favorite beverage on your camping adventure will surely warm her up. Just remember to drink responsibly, and don’t drink coffee right before bedtime!

Active Activity 

If camping isn’t active enough for your mom, and she has boundless energy, incorporating another one of her favorite ‘active activities’ will make her feel like your trip was tailor-made for her (how’s that for a Mother’s day gift)?!  Kayaking, hiking and fishing are some of the most common responses for preferred outdoor activities with mom, according to a recent survey among some of our Bear Butt fans. So go and cast that line, or row that paddle but make sure you’re keeping up with mom!

This past year has definitely compelled us to examine how we spend our time and who we spend it with. Celebrating Mother’s Day this year by planning a camping trip with mom is a fantastic way to show her how much she means to you, and to put into practice the lesson so many of us have recently learned. Forging deeper connections with family, being health-conscious and putting our energy into non digital activities makes for a more joyful and balanced life. So enjoy being healthy with mom, enjoy the great outdoors with mom, but most of all, enjoy this special time with the very special woman you call ‘mom.’

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