6 Tips For An Awesome Fall Camping Experience

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Summer is behind us and with that, the hot days and the bugs too. Fall camping is a great experience with far fewer insects, fewer fair-weather campers, and easier reservations. These are just a few reasons why we should consider this season an awesome time to go camping.
Fall days are always gorgeous and will make you excited to go to the woods. The leaves are changing and there is a certain crispness to the air. It would be great if you took advantage of what this season has to offer and just go off on that fall camping trip. Here are some tips to make your fall camping experience an awesome and unforgettable one.

  1. Pack layers – Pack layers of clothing. Fall weather can change quickly so be prepared for chilly gusts. Make sure you bring those extra layers of clothing and blankets just in case the temperature drops. The good thing about layers, they can be used when warmth is needed and easily removed when the temperature rises during midday.
  1. Hot beverage – A steaming cup of coffee or hot chocolate is a pleasant way to keep yourself warm. We recommend that you bring plenty of cocoa packets, and tea bags if that’s your thing. Presses and other accessories can also be easily packed if you are raring to brew your own java.
  1. Hand and foot warmers – The season is in transition and, although fully insulated cold-weather gear isn’t necessary just yet, it can get a little chilly near the end of the day. Heating pads pushed inside your boots and gloves are a great way to keep you warm in the morning or in the early evening and can be removed when the temperature shoots up.
  1. Bring a Hammock – Now you might think that this is an out-of-the-box idea as far as Fall camping is concerned but it’s not as far-fetched as the idea would suggest. You see, the ground can get really chilly during the fall season, the alternative is to bring layers of padding for your sleeping bags which can get cumbersome real fast. A hammock can provide the comfort of being off ground while needing only a blanket to ward off a chilly breeze.
  1. Photography - It’s the time when nature explodes with color, and misty mornings are whispering “Hey look at me, wouldn’t I make just the most amazing photograph?”. The fall season is too short to afford a missed photo opportunity. Clouds, sun, day, night – you can always find a stunning composition to capture, whether you’re looking at a beautiful mountain vista or the confinement of your backyard.
  1. Seriously, Bring a Hammock! – Fall is a beautiful time and one of the most incredible traditions for this season is watching the leaves change. Camping out and relaxing in a hammock gives you front row seats to witness the breathtaking fiery foliage of Fall.  

Fall means that we are getting closer to winter but there is so much to do to enjoy and appreciate what this great season has to offer. At Bear Butt, we want to make sure that you have an awesome fall camping experience.

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